Displaying a nipple and swimming with baby dolphins in lockdown (Rousse)

Campus was open again. I was there once more attending lectures, and they were even measuring the water levels in the swimming pool.

On most days I sat next to my primary school ‘friend’ ST, delighted that I was admitted as one of his crowd – at long last. I shared my joy with one of the ‘cool’ girls and AG, planting a wet kiss on his big face before returning to my seat at the back of the classroom.

One day I changed into my bikini, rather carelessly as it turned out. I’d already wandered around campus for several minutes before I noticed my right breast wardrobe malfunction: my nipple had been on full display to all! I was so ashamed that I jumped on a passing train to remove myself immediately from the scene, even though I had no money for my fare, nor any idea of this service’s destination.

I only travelled to the next stop – Haymarket – and fortunately the train guard didn’t reach me in my short time aboard to ask to check my ticket. My other stroke of luck was to see my colleague AC in my carriage. He spotted my clothing embarrassment and offered his jumper to cover the top part of my body. He also agreed to arrange my passage home again (he had cash), sacrificing his planned afternoon of career development in a garden centre.

Haymarket station was in a shocking state, presumably due to neglect during lockdown. Squatters had moved into the station buildings to create a shanty town of houses decorated with broken china objects. AC picked up a couple of pieces of porcelain without considering that they might be precious to someone else. We befriended a small girl and a ginger cat in one of the ‘gardens’.

Before taking the return train to campus once more, AC and I swam with baby dolphins in the sea loch.

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