A divorce and 15 year old drivers (Rousse)

Although X and Y had been divorced for some time, Y was at X’s birthday celebrations. TPR and I were grateful for this. If Y hadn’t been there, we would not have known anyone.

The only problem was that we had misunderstood the nature of X and Y’s relationship since the divorce. We were unaware that X was still very bitter about the sacrifices that he made to his career so that Y’s career would flourish, and his resultant loss of financial independence. (However, it had to be said that no expense was being spared at this week long birthday jamboree: on one day we were expected to fork for helicopter rides at £55 a shot.)

There was an awkward moment when the four of us – me, TPR, X and Y – found ourselves alone together at a kitchen table. TPR broke the silence with an announcement that it was now legal for 15 year olds to drive in the UK. We all believed him until he cried ‘April Fool!’

I wondered what had become of February and March. Winter had passed so quickly this year.

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