Fine art tips from a hairdresser (Rousse)

I fancied myself as a fine art dealer, so I angled for a part-time position working in an antiques emporium run by my hairdresser.

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Last minute accommodation in Glasgow (Rousse)

The timing of the AGM at midnight assumed that all participants were also delegates at the conference with overnight accommodation booked in Glasgow.

This was not the case for me and CW. We had travelled over from Edinburgh for the meeting only, so now we were stuck in Glasgow with nowhere to stay at a time of night when no trains were running. I suggested that we cross the motorway and see if any of the budget hotels on the other side of town happened to have a room for us.

When we walked out into the plaza I noticed a group of middle-aged women. As we neared them I realised that I knew them all. Here were the T twins, RF, JS and a whole load of others from my year group at school. Best of all, JP (now JC) was with them. I quickly confirmed that they had hotel rooms for the night and booked my spot in JC’s bed. It sounded like there would also be room there for CW too.

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Smoking spliffs in the sunshine (Rousse)

In the scorching heat at a family picnic JMH and JLR sat on the car bonnet and smoked spliffs. Meanwhile FDS played in the sunshine and I sheltered in the shade.

We returned home by tram along the yellow painted roller-coaster tracks that led down the from Pentlands hills towards the Firth of Forth, just past Edinburgh airport.

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Super speedy 125 leaves passengers in canal (Rousse)

I had never travelled on so fast a train before.¬† Its speed was nearer 150mph than 125. It didn’t even slow for the stations, but instead whipped past the platforms¬† in a terrifying haste.

The train only slowed when it reached the Midlands canal basin. Here TPR had the bright idea of disembarking for a short while so that we could play on the boats that bobbed in the water. GW joined us, tugging his very own dinghy behind him.

We immediately regretted our decision when the train started up again and left us stranded in the canal. There was no way that we could row fast enough to catch up with it, and we were now sure to miss all our appointments in London.

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A dip in the cold (Rousse)

I was telling my sister an elaborate tale of undergraduate risk (how could I ever have been so stupid?) as we approached the beautiful Italian swimming pool.

I was not tempted to take a dip – it was far too cold – but when my mother bravely dropped into the water, my sister followed.

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A cave holiday with a two-husband trip to Edinburgh Zoo (Rousse)

TPR booked an unheated cave for our summer holiday in the far north of Scotland. Although compact, its floor-space was still greater than our first house in Birmingham. Red curtains at the ‘door way’ mouth provided adequate privacy.

When my second husband – BB – joined us for the weekend, we made an outing to Edinburgh Zoo. On arrival we noticed that some of the dog-goats had escaped their entrance enclosure. Then I remembered that SM had warned us about this – on Saturdays the animals are allowed to roam free, with all visitors warned that they enter the zoo at their own peril.

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Driving backwards to a dinner date (Rousse)

My mother put the Volvo into reverse, swivelled the driver’s seat to face the back of the car, and drove backwards along the dual carriageway. She disregarded my warnings that she risked crashing into the lorry behind us that was now in front.

Later we met JC, her mother, her sister (normally based in Australia) and her old boss (who was paying) for a meal out in Manchester.

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