Belle co-stars with Grace Kelly and gets nude for four in a tub fun

I’d been given a tiny little child’s desk in a corridor. Soon I would be expected to manage every single Olympic Games ticket order and yet the new senior managers were trying to force me out of my job.

I decided to pal up with the sales force and they took me out for a test drive in a brand new gold Audi. After a minor bump on the overpass we went to a hotel where I ran a bath and threw off all my clothes while encouraging my three colleagues to join me in the tub.

Grace Kelly was at the bar and I admired her spy skills. She was having a conversation with a detective about getting drunk and the detective was nodding along enthusiastically. To the enemy seated a few feet away, it looked as if she was exposing their plot and the detective believed her. I’d never seen this Hitchcock film before, and now I was actually part of the action.

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