A resurrection music rant (Rousse)

When it looked like she had come to the end of her loud Home Counties rant about spoiling the peace of the Scottish countryside, I murmured an ‘OK, we get it’. I quickly slipped her the two fingers just as she made a move to walk away.

She immediately turned back to me and started again, this time on Brexit, with reinforcements. What she hadn’t counted on was that the couple that she pulled into the argument were my school friend AP and her husband, and he – at least – was on my side.

This had all kicked off simply because my mother, sister S and I were playing music to celebrate our reunion with my father five months after his death. Wouldn’t anyone turn up the car radio if they rediscovered a lost loved one? (We also enjoyed playing with the three little girls that we found on the back seat of the car, each a younger version of the three sisters.)

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