Kneeling toilet is a safe haven for jewellery stash (Rousse)

No wonder I kept getting lost in the hotel. Due to a booking mishap, every day TPR and I were moved from one bedroom to another. Although annoying, it would have been so much worse if the weather had been good and we’d been dealing with wet swimming costumes each day too.

Of greater concern was my jewellery. Why had I thought it a great idea to bring every piece of value half way across the world with me to the Caribbean, and what had prompted me to unfurl my brown and red leather jewellery roll in front of everyone, including a bunch of school friends? I really was asking for trouble.

Dressed in a thin white dressing gown, with a pair of knickers in one hand and my precious jewellery collection in the other, I set off through the hotel corridors hunting for TPR.

He was nowhere to be seen, so I ended up hiding with my booty in the ‘kneeling toilets’ for Chinese and Japanese guests.

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