Turning down Loughborough (Rousse)

I performed well in my interview for a chair at Loughborough University, and it came as no surprise when Eric (the Head of School) offered me the job. I was delighted with this outcome, as was AM, who had always wanted to work with me.

My return journey home, however, completely put me off moving to the Midlands. Just before I left campus I saw uniformed staff grab a very tall naked man, force him onto a stretcher, and carry him away against his will. Then – despite the help of my soon-to-be new colleagues – I ended up on the wrong bus to the airport. While it was fortunate that I realised this in time, forgetting to take my belongings with me when I switched buses was a complete disaster.

I came to the conclusion that, on balance, I would be better off not taking the job at Loughborough.

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