Cholera risk on transatlantic flights (Rousse)

My entire family was flying to New York: mother, father and all three daughters (although my little sister was yet to put in an appearance). I arranged for us to travel in the greatest comfort: by king size bed.

As soon everyone was comfortable under the covers, I picked up the in-flight magazine. The glossy pages were covered in sparkly grains that looked sugar or salt. I did not see the printed warning before I scraped some of the substance off the pages to taste it.

The grains were already burning through my mouth when I read of the risk of contracting cholera. I turned to my father (the vet) mouthing the word ‘Water’. None could be found.

My only comfort was to pet a small grey Staffordshire bull terrier puppy that jumped up on to our bed – until it wet the sheets. This was going to be a very long and uncomfortable journey.

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