A lost watch in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge (Rousse)

I was struggling to quash the rumours that I was raiding public funds to finance all-expenses paid trips around the globe. In reality all my travel and associated expenses were being covered by my hosts, and not my employer.

After another argument over my forthcoming trip to Brazil I stomped off into Stockbridge to let off steam. I rummaged around in a rubbish bin outside the Shelter shop to retrieve some belongings that I had left there earlier. As well as my own watch, I pulled out another. It looked rather cheap, but I suspected that it could have sentimental value for someone, so I decided to take it to the police.

The nearest police station was on one of the Georgian streets that lay behind Raeburn Place. I did my best to navigate the short cut to my destination, but I couldn’t manage both the steep steps and the concrete slope. I would just have to keep the extra watch.

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