Lodger lover’s identity uncovered (Rousse)

We were staying at the flat that my cousins S and L had recently bought in London. It was not ideal. The layout was such that only one bedroom had direct access to the bathroom. So if you were sleeping in the other one, you had to disturb the others on night-time trips to the lavatory. The room with bathroom access did not have a window, and was therefore unsuitable for claustrophobics.

We chose the windowless room with direct access to the bathroom. There we found evidence of a part-time lodger on the desk: a series of journal articles and monographs on media and cultural studies. Our hosts explained that they took in this man whenever he wanted to meet his girlfriend. ‘Helen’ was also an academic, but based at a different university from that of the part-time lodger. All this evidence indicated that they were engaged in an illicit love affair.

When one of our party recognised the lodger’s mobile number, we knew the identity of the errant husband.

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