RAF fighter jets, and “terrorists” in Pitlochry (Rousse)

RAF fighter jets skimmed the water of the loch at high speed, then vanished out of sight. Then some friends on jet skis came racing by. The small tourist audience was thrilled by the spectacle. I wondered what would happen if everyone competed for loch space at the same time?


QM graduate AR sent me a screen shot of her recent Facebook status updates and asked if I could pass it on to the final year students as a warning. The detail told a tale of misbehaviour at a major online publisher. AR had been sacked primarily for poaching sales prospects from colleagues and drunken antics at corporate events.


Our coach tour of the highlands reached Pitlochry. I knew that the Coffee Pot cafe would be popular, so ran the length of high street and down the hill to beat everyone else to the remaining free table. The staff hesitated to give it to me: was I a terrorist? When they saw the rest of my party, including MH and the large man who had never been this far north before, they passed over the menus.

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