A spiked drink victim (Rousse)

I was probably an easy target after TPR left me. When I awoke, I knew that I was in a hotel bed in Italy. I could also remember taking a walk through the woods with a nice man called Peter the previous afternoon. However, I had no memory at all of the evening.

When I went downstairs, the staff congratulated me on my auction ‘wins’. I took a bar worker aside and asked about my purchases – and my drinking. Seemingly I had spent a fortune on fine art but very little on alcohol.

Then I found a scribbled note and a photograph in my pocket. Peter, who thanked me for a lovely night, was looking forward to seeing me the weekend after next. I recognised him in the photograph standing next to one of the T twins, most probably HH.

I could only conclude that Peter had spiked my drink and taken advantage of my unconscious state. When I next saw HH, she confirmed that she knew Peter and that this was the kind of behaviour to be expected of him.

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