Gout-afflicted friend kills coronavirus fun in the Yorkshire Dales (Rousse)

It was an easy drive in two cars to the Yorkshire Dales for a weekend away to celebrate my birthday. It was only when we reached our destination that we understood why the roads and villages were deserted: coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Our hotel was probably closed too!

It was too late to turn around and drive home again so instead we continued on to AG and LG’s farm. If they were also in lockdown, then their rental cottage would be empty.

LG did well to hide her shock at seeing us. She graciously showed us around the accommodation, made us all a bowl of porridge, and left out boxes of cereal for our breakfast.

Once settled, we discussed our plans for the next day. If everything was closed, how would we entertain ourselves, and where would we eat? GC held up his gout-ravaged hand and pleaded with us not to abandon him in the lonely cottage all by himself. It seemed that the only real option would be to set off straight home again after breakfast.

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