Hidden drugs and a Roald Dahl poster in a tube (Rousse)

I could tell that my neighbour JS was desperate to go to the lavatory so I offered her the use of our guest bathroom. She refused on the basis that it was at the back of the house and bound to be cold in the wintertime. She would, however, avail herself of our en suite facilities.

I was happy to let her use our bathroom, provided that she gave me a minute or two to ‘tidy it up a little’. My main concern was to hide my drugs: I did not want JS to know the extent of my ‘wee problem’. The job done, I allowed her through my bedroom door.

JS emerged from the bathroom unwilling to speak to me. She marched past me and out of the flat in tears, so I chased after her. Out in the street, she refused to explain why she was so upset. Perhaps she was disappointed that she hadn’t managed to find my drugs? Or maybe I had insulted her in some way?

I found JS’s attitude rather rude, especially since earlier in the day I had generously given her a Roald Dahl poster in small tube for her to hang in her daughter ‘s bedroom.

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