Cancer patient makes an early, and ill-advised, return to work (Rousse)

LM was shocked to see me in the corridor on campus.

‘Whatever are you doing here?’ she shouted. ‘You’ve got cancer. Go back home to your sickbay!’

My own opinion was that I was fit to work. Then I tried to climb into the low-shelved paternoster lift, witnessed by AV, CFS and one other (the latter two wearing green and blue jumpers that I had hand-knitted). It was proved that I should still be on sick leave when I obviously did not have the strength to mount the lift.

However, before I sloped off home, I checked the office that I shared with QDX. My belongings were all intact, but his were covered with yellow stickers.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘It looks like I am surplus to requirements, I have lost my job, and all my stuff is going to be thrown out,’ he replied.

After my office-mate had left, I noticed that he had forgotten to take his mobile phone and some sweets that he had purchased for his children. I stole two chocolates, then handed everything else into campus reception for my (now) ex-colleague to collect at a later date.

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