A greedy dumped wife (Rousse)

When we returned from our holiday, TPR told me he was serious this time: he no longer wanted me, not even if I turned a blind eye to his affairs.

Fortunately for me, CSX was waiting in the wings, ready to drop FFX in my favour. I was not really attracted to CSX, but I knew that he adored me, and he was due to inherit from his very wealthy family. I also couldn’t bear the thought of being on my own. So when TPR refused for the final time to take me back, I knew what I had to do.

As I was drawn into CSX’s family, however, I regretted taking him on. I discovered that his fish-eyed, gay, Jewish father was holding secret meetings with CSX’s siblings, all of whom were determined to cut him out of the family fortune.  Without the prospect of his inheritance, I was hardly interested in CSX at all.

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