A messy office Christmas party followed by seaside coffee and cake in Aberdeen (Rousse)

A mixture of colleagues from all stages of my career came to the staff Christmas party. These included: my old boss JH; the wife and eldest daughter of my old office-mate SM; current colleagues DB and LD; a tall, skinny, moustached new member of staff who seemed to take a fancy to me; and a couple from another university (CO and AM).

Everyone was so exhausted after the meal that they lay down on the floor to sleep (allegedly – the moustached man had other ideas). The next morning they headed off without a thought for the mess of the previous day.

Since FR and I were the last ones left, we felt it was our responsibility to tidy up. Then we changed our minds: we would leave an apologetic note for the cleaners instead.

We quickly gathered up our things, then set off for morning coffee and chocolate cake at a seaside café in Aberdeen.

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