How to feed a baby pigeon and other vital advice (Rousse)

I kept a baby pigeon in a tiny cage in the corner of my granny’s kitchen. I regretted my decision to store his favourite food (fresh broccoli) with the coal in the bucket next to the back door. The coal dust got all over my hands whenever I reached for a green sprig to feed my little pet. I was also worried about mice. It looked like TPR had also been feeding grain to the bird, and there was evidence that tiny rodents had taken a liking to this additional food supply.

TPR was also causing anxiety for one of my PhD students. Through Facebook she was able to track him on his iPad, and had discovered that he regularly met someone called Carl Newton for coffee in town. She needed TPR to know that this Carl Newton was her former boss and a sworn enemy. Her advice was that TPR should have nothing to do with this evil man.

My third worry was a class of set basic business textbooks that I found piled up in my office with an invoice for £844. It was the case that I had ordered this title through the University library. However, I’d only asked for one copy, and not forty. I’d have to let the acquisitions staff know and get a refund.

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