Books, visitors, and plans for Christmas 2016 at the newly acquired guest house (Rousse)

The guest house was now in the hands of MB. This meant that there was a completely different library of old books from which to retrieve your reading material. I soon worked my way through modern literary fiction, but then I was stumped again. It looked like I would have to turn to classics in the volumes of the the Everyman’s Library for a volume to read on the beach in the heat. (Had TPR remembered to pack the sunblock? I did hope so!)

Amongst the other guests was a disabled teenage athlete who wore a bright blue tracksuit. At times she would go missing, but we always found her – on one occasion in a bin looking for a DVD of a Disney animation.

Members of my family would also sometimes call by. My middle sister initiated a conversation about Christmas 2016 while the little one marked up a whiteboard to announce a sale of her art work, even though none was visibly for sale. Of the pair of the them, the latter was clearly more avant garde.

When JC and GC came to stay I generously paid for their parking ticket in the street.

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