New neighbours (Rousse)

We moved into a tiny flat in a modern block that offered a range of accommodation, including fully-serviced apartments. Our flatmates included JC and AC. Space was so tight that the dishwasher was kept in the bathroom. There really wasn’t enough room for all of us.

One day when I was due on campus at 9:00am I accidentally got locked out of the flat. All I was wearing was a pair of pyjamas. I was also carrying a spare bicycle tyre over my shoulders. I struggled to explain to the staff on the service desk that I needed to get back into my accommodation. My main problem was that I forgot the flat number and, of course, all the flats looked the same. Another was that the desk staff were lazy and lacked interest in the dilemmas of the people queuing up for help.

Later I found RH in the canteen. He was finishing off his breakfast and flirting with the waiting staff. When I told him that I would be moved into new accommodation he concluded that we would soon be close neighbours.

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