An iPhone snapped in two (Rousse)

I unexpectedly found myself free one afternoon so I took a walk across the Meadows to photograph the flowers. There I found a huge gathering – mainly of women – at a celebration hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

JS and I photographed a water feature at the reception. Then I smashed a glass. I worried that the children would cut their feet on the shards as they ran about unshod.

On my way home from the party I got trapped in a lift. I had several conversations over the intercom with a rescue team in the US before I realised that I was travelling in a special carriage of an Edinburgh to Glasgow commuter train. Now I really was in trouble because I had no cash on me to pay the fare. I couldn’t even make the purchase by mobile phone because my iPhone had snapped in two earlier during the journey when I had dropped it on the floor.

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