Broad bean babies transform into aconites (Rousse)

My cousin EV asked if we could look after her newborn baby. I was very nervous about accepting the invitation, especially since the baby was only the size of a broad bean. It was obvious that this would be a very stressful exercise. I also wondered why EV had no interest in her own child.

To make things easier (so she thought) EV passed over a backup baby too. This meant that if the first one died, we’d have a second in reserve.

In the event TPR and my sister S took a baby each. TPR carried his in a matchbox. Meanwhile S rummaged through our mother’s sewing box looking for some green felt in which to wrap her charge. Neither baby cried, not even when coated with cinnamon. TPR told me that he remembered to feed his, although I never witnessed this.

After a couple of days the broad bean babies were no more. They had transformed into a couple of polished aconite fossils.

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