Teacher tickles semi-naked student in class (Rousse)

TPR was very efficient with his packing. I was less so, scattering the hotel room with my belongings, and wondering how on earth I would get back from the room to the lab by 11:00 for my special class on writing a Masters dissertation.

I was still organising my bits and pieces – including my ancient Royal Shakespeare Company brooch and precious Blue Peter badge – at 11:20 when the students came to find me. Mike was particularly anxious that we start because he only had an hour off work for this one class.

I abandoned my belongings, hoping that the hotel would not take its midday check-out time too seriously, and led the students to a computer lab. We soon discovered it was an impossible environment for teaching due to overcrowding and the loud voice of another tutor who was lecturing nearby, so we moved to a smaller vacant classroom (the only disadvantage of which was that it was not equipped with PCs).

It was 11:55 by the time that the class finally started. I answered a question on literature reviewing using the history of operating systems as an example. Then a catering assistant walked by and offered us salad. She recognised Mike who, in response, rolled onto his tummy, lifted his shirt, and asked to be tickled. Ever eager to please, I joined in when the catering assistant obeyed his request.

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