Paris wedding giveaway (Rousse)

I took my Cousin’s N advice not to post a cheeky Facebook comment about his son T and my sister J, then stood up to clear the dirty glasses from the top of the piano. We needed to get a move on if we were to reach the wedding (and big family gathering) in time.

As we crossed the McMaster campus I asked about the apartment that we had just left. Would Cousin N be willing for me to stay there when I returned for my longer stay at the University? I could tell that he wasn’t keen. If he allowed me to stay, he would lose rental income that he would otherwise enjoy from paying tenants.

We continued our walk across campus and spotted VJ dressed in a white fur-trimmed leather heading into the library coat to continue work on her thesis.

Inside the wedding venue we found an assortment of relations sitting quietly at round tables. The ginger headcount was high (including some amazing curls) so we knew that we were in the right place, but everyone was uncharacteristically quiet. This frustrated my colleague KC, who attempted to excite the audience as he gave a PowerPoint presentation on how he had won some free tickets to Paris, and was happy to offer them to the family.

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