Puppies, a purchase, and a punch (Rousse)

I travelled to Worthing with my in-laws to identify a puppy for purchase. I wasn’t certain that this was a good idea. I had not discussed it with TPR, and even if he agreed to such plans, I was beginning to think that it would more a better idea to commit to puppy training in the summer vacation rather than over the Christmas holiday.

Then I was distracted by a second hand clothes emporium. Some goods were available for purchase and others free of charge. I headed for a rack of running trousers and picked out a couple of pairs. When I asked how much they cost the tall, thin, black assistant questioned why I was buying school trousers for the purpose of exercise.

My next concern was a staff grievance case. My accuser had reported that I had hit her at work. I responded with a punch to the midriff – an act that I immediately regretted.

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