An audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace (Rousse)

By the time Granny H and I reached Buckingham Palace to interview the Queen my feet were terribly blistered from wearing the pale blue shoes. TPR had borrowed them a couple of days earlier to wear to DT’s party and had stretched them. Now they rubbed mercilessly against my tender skin.

I considered popping into a shoe shop at the top of the Mall to buy more suitable footwear, but Granny H said that we did not have time to do so. Our appointment at the palace was for 12:15 and it was already 12:10.

The palace itself was surprisingly busy. When I learnt that the royal family was now renting out rooms for office space I understood why there were long queues at the various security check-points. We almost mistakenly ended up in the line for the Belgian Consulate.

At the last security gate the official considered my letter of invitation and the interview questions that we had prepared. She gave us the code for the lift and waved us through. All we needed now was someone tall enough to reach up to the button for the second floor and our audience with the Queen could begin.

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