Tiny disabled Chinese criminal forced to live in a pocket (Rousse)

OC’s new charge was a tiny disabled Chinese ex-con with a miniscule human head and the plastic body of an Action Mall doll. He’d given up his life of crime after his gang leaders found he was more of a liability than an asset on the job. He could certainly get into the tiniest of places, but he couldn’t walk very quickly, and had no speed at all when pursued by the police.

I put the ex-con in my pocket and hoped that he would behave as we walked up through the valley to OC’s house. I paused along the route to watch the weavers making blankets and tea towels on the looms in their cottages. I was further delayed when I saw SY hurrying up the lane to A and C’s house. Now that she had completed her PhD she was in charge of catering for both her own family and for A and C.

Fortunately TPR and OC were willing to wait for me while I was distracted these diversions along the route.

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