Toothless tigers roam Glasgow park (Rousse)

JM took my car keys and drove us both over to Glasgow. I asked whether he was insured to do this, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to take me to the park.

The park was really beautiful. I particularly liked the artificial lake. However, I had quite a fright when two enormous white Bengal tigers emerged from the water. Someone said that they were toothless, and that all their claws had been extracted, but they still terrified me.

Then I fell into the water. I called to JM and his friend Malcolm for help, but they were much further along the bank and couldn’t hear me. Somehow I managed to scramble back up the hard concrete side of the lake, then set off in the direction of the boys. I couldn’t find them in the Indian art exhibition, and I couldn’t even phone them to ask where they were because (along with the car keys) I’d given my iPhone to JM.

My next contact with anyone I knew was at my parents’ house where RK came to discuss timetables and assessments with me.

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