The box thief (Rousse)

We were a little embarrassed when P and S started calling the waiters over to take food and drink orders. At this hotel it was bad form to boss the staff around like this.

Later, when P and S left us to sit elsewhere, I started to sort out my mobile devices. It soon became obvious that I needed a box in which to store all the leads. I looked for one in the computer lab. Some of the plastic boxes that were being used as rubbish bins would have been suitable, but none of them had lids. Then I saw a shallow transparent pink box, complete with lid. It contained a few small empty cardboard cartons, some of which appeared to be labelled with tiny yellow post-its. I tipped the cartons out onto a table and took the box for myself.

When the new shift came into work I noticed that a member of staff looked particularly distressed. Then I overheard her say that all the work that she had done the previous day had been ruined. When she saw my leads neatly stacked in the pink plastic box (with lid) she was furious – and now knew who to blame for putting all her hard work back a day.

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