A cancelled dip in the pool and a missing cashmere cardigan (Rousse)

LC picked me up in her car. Two of her blond grandchildren were bouncing up and down on the back seat with a couple of their little friends, a dark-haired brother and sister set.

When we reached the gym the children disappeared. LC headed off to the pool and I shouted after her that I would join her just as soon as I found my soggy costume and towel in the bottom of my bag.

I was stopped in my tracks by TM, who was waiting in the gym bar. He explained that SS had summoned everyone for a drink to celebrate the end of term, but he was the only one of all of our colleagues who had turned up so far. He knew RK was on his way, but was engaged in some dispute over the legitimacy of the vegetarian options on the bar food menu.

I changed my mind about a swim. I would need to show support for my department and attend this meeting instead. The problem, however, was I’d lost my black cashmere cardigan somewhere in the building, and I couldn’t settle until it was found. My greatest fear was that it had been stolen.

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