Magic tables only a partial solution to University accommodation problems (Rousse)

I was dismayed over the state of my accommodation. I had been allocated a tiny desk squeezed into the corner of a large computer lab populated by PhD students. My computer and printer took up most of the desk’s surface so there was very little space in which to work.

I hunted around for some spare furniture to see if I could rearrange things a little. At the back of the room I found a magic table. At first glance it was barely the size of a tea tray, but if you pulled on its legs it expanded to a decent size. I decided to fit this between the end of my desk and the wall as a way to extend my work space.

When I returned to my spot I found that the technician, who was in the process of setting up my printer, was also chatting to the Vice Principal. This was my opportunity to make known the appalling office accommodation conditions for academics at the University.

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