Advances in book design (Rousse)

BEX showed me the beautiful line drawings of a crowd that would be used for the cover of his new book. He was delighted when I said him that I loved the design, and took great pleasure in telling me that it was the work of his wife.

‘Well, it’s a vast improvement on her last attempt at art work’, I muttered under my breath.

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A new campus romance (Rousse)

CQX was anxious to start the presentations, but I was still struggling to prevent the huge water cooler bottles from toppling over at the top of the staged auditorium. Eventually I took my seat and the event was underway.

In the breakout session CQX and I were meant to address the requirements of a set exercise. Instead we found a shaded spot under a deckchair on the terrace where I complained about the difficulties of conducting qualitative research with human subjects. ‘Programming and modelling is so much easier!’ I declared. My companion seemed less interested in the conversation and more interested in me.

Meanwhile I had an inkling that we were being observed. There were faces at the window of the main house.  By the time we returned to work there would be rumours of a new romantic relationship all over campus.

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Mexican petticoats (Rousse)

We’d had a great time in Mexico, but now we had to leave. I was somewhat embarrassed and ashamed, however, that I was the only woman not boarding the plane in a petticoat. I looked on in envy at the frilly pale green lace slip worn by the woman sitting next to me in the departure lounge.

I had planned to make a petticoat of my own, but forgot to pick up the elastic for the waistband. Now it was too late.

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A Yorkshire woman in Canada (Rousse)

My cousin NT steered the tiny green car through the snowy Canadian landscape. I doubted that it would make it up the hill without snow chains, but NT was prepared to give it a go.

In the end, however, we gave up because we were called to help an elderly woman with her cleaning. She sounded English, so when I saw the box of Yorkshire tea on her kitchen worktop I plucked up the courage to ask about her origins.

As suspected, she was Yorkshire born and bred.

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When dream evidence is inadmissible (Rousse)

Suddenly my father leapt from the driver’s seat and climbed into the back next to me, leaving the car to hurtle towards the steep sides of the mountain tunnel. With great effort I leant over, managed to grasp the wheel, and steered us back onto the road.

The crisis over, I told my mother that I now had sufficient evidence to demand that my father’s GP revoke his driving licence. ‘Good luck with that’ she replied, ‘But you do realise that this is just a dream?’

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A flight to Leith by way of Leicester (Rousse)

All our friends were at a party on the top floor of a plate glass tower block in Leith. I wanted to join them, but I didn’t have the right change for the bus. Eventually I took the long route to Leith – by foot, via Leicester.

Along the way I met DTJ and KJ, who had left JJ with a babysitter for the night. KJ called a friend to give us a lift to the party in her taxi.

As we approached the tower block I got out of the car to see if I could still perform my famous trick of launching myself into the air and flying high above the building. I managed it – just.

The others were both surprised and delighted to hear my tapping at the window with a request to be let in so that I could join in all the fun.

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Things to do in Paris (Rousse)

The 2:00am train to Paris from Edinburgh was packed. I lost SL and the boys in the crowd of passengers as soon as I boarded and ended up sitting on the floor in the last coach. Only much later on did I find SL and discover that there was a reserved seat for me in coach C.

First on our list of ‘things to do in Paris’ was to purchase a quilted anorak in the nearest TK Maxx. I’d left the house in Edinburgh in such a hurry that I had forgotten to bring a coat.

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