Escaped astronauts (Rousse)

I asked the students to dress up for the tutorial according to the theme of ‘outer space’, so was delighted when the six of them turned up as astronauts in bulky all-in-one ski suits.

Forty-five minutes into our discussion AA walked into the room to enquire about a non-existent meeting with a PhD student. The three youngest students (all male) took advantage of this interruption to leave the class early.

I was shocked at their rude departure, and disappointed that I would not be able to take a photograph of my personal cohort of space travellers.

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A bit of give and take in the kitchen (Rousse)

As one friend added to our kitchen, another took away.

DM gave us a set of pale blue ramekin dishes (though not Le Creuset). Meanwhile RK accidentally pulled off some of the facing on the crockery cupboard.

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Missing the ‘mont’ in Montreal (Rousse)

The plane overheard sounded like it was in trouble. It was flying so low that we could all see that it was a transatlantic EasyJet service coming into the city.

We predicted correctly that it would smash into the mountain.

Why this should be the fate of so many incoming flights was always a puzzle to me. The big hilly clue was so obvious in the name of the flight destination: ‘Montreal’.

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Sticking up for a dear friend (Rousse)

I stuck up for WB in anticipation of criticisms about to be uttered by a severe-looking woman.

‘WB is extremely beautiful, and very, very clever’, I declared.

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Ashes in the cupboard (Rousse)

QL died with no next of kin. It was for this reason that his ashes ended up in my cupboard.

It was always a shocking reminder to see the green box whenever I opened the cupboard door.

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Turkish Eurovision win fails to impress (Rousse)

The school office staff did not appreciate my CD of the solo Turkish artiste – even though she won the Eurovision Song Contest just a couple of years earlier.

‘I suppose I’ll just have to listen to it through my headphones’ I muttered sulkily, regretting the day that I agreed to move my desk into the huge shared office.

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An heiress makes plans (Rousse)

I was trapped inside the house that I had inherited from my maternal grandmother. I could happily entertain myself by revisiting all the rooms that I remembered from my childhood, and perusing the contents of the cupboards. All the crystal riding trophies in a glass cabinet – presumably the winnings of my long-dead aunt – caught my eye. However, I really wanted to wander out into the front garden and photograph some of the unusual flowers that I could see growing through the snow.

I hoped that the postie would rescue me, but she couldn’t force open the front door. Then a neighbour and friend of my grandmother appeared with a spare front door key. Now I could be released to the rest of the world! As well as the garden, I discovered a long ground floor extension to the house that comprised several double bedrooms. These were occupied by nurses who worked in shifts across hospitals in Newcastle. Their accommodation was to the highest standards, with windows affording great views of the Tyne valley.

All the space in the back garden could also be put to good use in the future, if only I could persuade TPR to invest in the building of a couple of holiday cottages.

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