Donald Trump will run for President: exclusive interview from David Elstein’s offices (Rousse)

Donald Trump’s fall from power was so great that he now worked in advertising sales for David Elstein’s media empire. My good friend JM also worked for Elstein, so gave me access to the once ‘great’ man.

One day I took advantage of my connection to the former president and chatted to him about his future plans. He lapped up all the attention, especially since most of his workmates actively ignored him whenever possible. Very subtly, I brought him round to the question of the next presidential election. Would he stand? It seemed that he would, and the scoop was mine.

One of the other colleagues told me that he was about to leave the company. He asked if I could pass a parting gift on to JM, who out of the office that day. I willingly took the small square plate of steel, engraved with words of admiration and thanks for JM. JM’s soon-to-be former colleague proudly told me that he had composed the string of kind words all by himself.

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