Highland spirit triplets, hopeless handmade goods, an over-priced exhibition, and very public toilets (Rousse)

A set of Highland triplet spirits danced across the heather as they sought to reunite me with my mother and sister S after I came off the narrow single track road in our hire car. As soon as we found one another again, I once more took to the wheel and drove us to the nearest village.

Here we joined TPR to take a look round the small shop that sold hopeless handmade gifts. I took a fancy to some glass wall hangings, but otherwise despaired at the quality of goods for sale.

Then we decided to visit the free element of a major tapestry exhibition. However, when we reached the venue we found that the entire collection was beyond the ticket barrier at a cost of £11 per person.

‘If they are charging that much’ muttered TPR and pointing to a corner of the room, ‘They could at least move their public lavatories into cubicles’.

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