Avocado bathroom suite in the museum of sanitation (Rousse)

Dozens of bathtubs hung on the walls and from the ceiling of the saleroom. The most precious and elaborate had been recovered from ancient archaeological sites. Much of their value lay in their beautiful mosaic decorations.

To my surprise and delight, several modern coloured bathtubs formed part of the display. Some were even corner baths. I was particularly interested in the orange and green samples, delighted that these were ready for sale. Now I would be vindicated for holding on to the avocado bathroom suite in my own flat for 30 years.

However, I was to be disappointed. This was not a saleroom, but a museum of sanitation. The likelihood of anyone wishing to install an avocado bathroom suite in 2020 was the same as that for the accidental discovery of an ancient mosaic bathtub under the lawn of a suburban back garden.

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