Treasure in the littered streets of Edinburgh (Rousse)

TPR and I moved into a new flat in a less-than-salubrious part of Edinburgh. Here the street was awash with litter, and weeds grew in the cracks in the pavement and along the centre of the main road.

We were pleased, however, that some of our new neighbours had obviously made an effort to tidy up their wee corner of the city, and we were keen to help them do more.

TPR got up bright and early to add an excess of Irn Bru cans to the mixed recycling bin across the road from our flat. Then, using a hoe that he borrowed from one of the neighbours, he started to dig up all sorts of ‘treasure’ from the middle of the road. This included a pair of unworn flip-flops, a pink T shirt from Debenhams, and a White Stuff woollen dress. I would never need to shop for clothes again!

Then I remembered that my in-laws were coming for tea, so hurried home to bake some scones.

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