Fiona Bruce fake friend (Rousse)

At the first conference Fiona Bruce treated me with respect, and even gave the impression that she would like to be my friend. That said, she still managed to convey a sense of superiority over the academic delegates. It did not go unnoticed that while the rest of us travelled in economy to Australia, she and a giggling friend enjoyed the comfort of first class.

My relationship with Fiona soured when I withdrew as keynote speaker from the second conference. She was unwilling to accept that I felt burnt out. She was also furious that I had only given her a week to fill the speaking slot, even though I explained that all my slides were written and that someone else might be willing to deliver the presentation. The whole situation was made even worse when I insisted on staying on at the conference as a non-speaking delegate.

Amidst all this bad feeling TPR discovered a new batch of long lost relations at the conference. He was completely distracted by this opportunity to fill in gaps on numerous branches of his family tree.

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