A hairy bridesmaid (Rousse)

I was honoured to have been asked to serve as one of JA’s bridesmaids, even though the only part that I had played in her life was to introduce her to some external work contacts and help her secure her first job following graduation.

On the big day I arrived at the hotel already dressed in my slim-fit mauve bridesmaid’s gown. I said hello to JA, who was taking her turn in a line-up of brides to practise their ceremony moves.

Since the wedding itself was not due to take place until much later in the evening, I took my parents to the hotel lounge where we could read the papers while waiting for the main event. It was odd to have my father back with us, and rather embarrassing since I had placed his death notice in the papers and written his obituary for publication. However, we were pleased that he had survived three weeks in a mortuary and a cremation, especially since his return cheered my mother immensely.

Later I sought JA to check on preparations for the ceremony. I found her in the communal shower, adding a blue rinse to her long grey hair. Rather than greet me with her famed smile, she glared at me angrily.

Where had I been? The wedding took place at 7:27pm and it was now 9:30pm! I was devastated to have missed the wedding, but had no excuse for my absence other than I had lost track of time.

JA’s mother and other relations were so angry that they all rounded on me, and one of her uncles spat in my face.

This was a disaster – and to think that when I first arrived at the venue that morning my main concern was that the other guests might notice my hairy armpits.

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