Black market fruit and vegetables and a broken iPhone (Rousse)

We stockpiled the fruit and vegetables just inside the main entrance to the university, not far from the reception desk where LM was on duty. Most of the students missed our little stall as they passed by on the way to their lectures. Those who did spot the produce seemed unaware that we were offering it free of charge.

To remedy this, I stood next to the piles of fruit and vegetables and pointed them out to the students. Many simply ignored me, but two that I taught took interest.

I later found OB and NM cramming as much produce as possible into their rucksacks at a time that they should have been in a statistics lecture. I feared that it was not their intention to adopt healthy eating habits, but that they planned to sell all this produce on the black market.

Meanwhile I had another problem: my iPhone was broken and could no longer take photographs. I showed it to LM, who diagnosed a broken casing. The only person we knew who could sort this out was JM, but he was nowhere to be found.

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