Lindisfarne tribute band fail (Rousse)

Although JS had put in all the work for the university reunion, I was the mistress of ceremonies for the day. This meant that the guests were under the impression that I was responsible for the shambolic arrangements. These included:

  • tiny name badges that nobody could read;
  • a Lindisfarne tribute band with a lead singer who could not remember the lyrics;
  • no tea or coffee provided after lunch;
  • peculiar two-seater toilets in the ladies’ room;
  • gatecrashers GC and JC – the former set up a disco in competition with the tribute band, and the latter insisted on taking to the stage to show off three long dresses.

I did my best to give the impression that none of this mattered, but really I was terribly embarrassed.

The single highlight of the day for me was a big hug at the bar with marathon runner RR. He looked (and felt) very fit under his short-sleeved maroon batik shirt.

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