Chatty arts professional protects her left breast (Rousse)

ECM arrived in the basement gallery as I was installing the new exhibition. She took a plastic tub of bright green powder paint and started to mix it so that she could ‘cheer the room up a bit’. When I told her sharply that this would not be necessary, she put the paint away.

I was behind schedule and didn’t manage to get all the exhibits on the walls before the start of the evening film screening in the same space. The gallery was soon filled by arts and media types, including several academics who were known to me. We stayed for a short while before the performance, then agreed to have supper with a couple of young men that we met over drinks.

I was pleased to get away from the venue. This was mainly because I was fed up of hearing the bar tender tell people that I was one of her chattiest customers, especially after a couple of drinks. I also wanted to escape an environment in which people thought it normal to cup my left breast.

As we walked out I took the opportunity of advising one of the young men that he should not be critical of his friend who had taken a year off before university to earn money in a boring job. ‘Not everyone can afford to travel the world aged 18’, I told him.

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