Secrets of an Edinburgh book group (Rousse)

TTX was asking me all sorts of questions about book groups as we crossed over London Road between Meadowbank Stadium and Jock’s Lodge. I couldn’t tell whether she was sneering at the concept, or hinting that she would like to join one. When she asked about membership of mine, I took care to answer vaguely. I did not want to reveal the true identity of ‘a couple of people from work and others from the University of Edinburgh’, especially since they were all within ear-shot, standing at the bus stop across the road.

As soon as we crossed over I noticed MH’s snack van parked at the road side. She was preparing for an overnight job at a music festival, then would go straight into work at George Square the following morning. I wondered out loud if she would get any sleep. In response she showed me the hand-written sign that she stuck on the windscreen of the van when she needed to take forty winks. This was one organised, if over-worked, woman!

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