Conference barbed wire and a baby (Rousse)

I dished out advice on how to live a healthy life to my young charge as we walked along Edinburgh’s Queen Street. From here we were catching a bus to a conference.

She listened patiently as I highlighted the value of walking to work and explained that paying for a gym membership was not the same as exercising in a gym. I hoped that she and her partner would take heed because – as far as I could tell – they seemed to have more interest in consuming calories than burning them.

On arrival at the conference we took our seats in a row that was cordoned off with barbed wire. I tried to adjust the level of the wire to improve our view of the speakers and accidentally scratched the skin just below the right eye of a man in the row in front of us.

It wasn’t worth the effort to get a better view anyway. The subject focus of the conference had changed dramatically since I had last attended. When the opening keynote speaker started waving a realistic life-size model of newborn baby at the audience, I knew that this was a wasted trip.

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