A work affair avoided (Rousse)

A dip into time travel should have reminded my boyfriend of how he had changed over the past couple of years. To see him laughing and joking with his old colleagues only emphasised the dramatic shift in his personality. When he said that he was going away for a while I hoped that he would not return.

Meanwhile my colleague NTX walked into the time travel party in the belief that it was taking place in the here and now. He most curious to find out why he had not been invited to this event.

‘Look over there’, I said. ‘It’s a party from the past. Can’t you see the earlier version of yourself? Look how your hair is not quite so grey’.

NTX returned my kindness with an invitation to follow him along a corridor to a quiet part of the building. I didn’t have time to get dressed so turned up wrapped up in a bed sheet. I had a feeling for what was coming next, and also knew in my heart that my colleague’s intentions were not honourable. Simply put, his wife was no longer interested in him, his rumoured mistress had had enough of waiting for her status to be formally acknowledged, and I was more immediately available. It was also to his advantage that I found him very attractive, even though I knew that the feeling was not mutual.

In the event the thought of the reaction of my depressive boyfriend and possible fall-out at work gave me the courage to resist NTX’s advances. Instead I admired photographs of him of a young man with long red hair. I was also extremely grateful that we took things no further when FSTX passed us in the corridor. Had she spotted us, our careers would have ended there and then.

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