People carrier test drive disaster (Rousse)

‘Mr F!’ I exclaimed when I saw TF in casual dress in the corridor at work. I wasn’t expecting to see him, so this was a lovely surprise.

However, I was not the reason for his visit. He had come to ‘discuss business’ with SS. As she showed him into her office I suggested that he come and see me after their meeting, if he had time.

About half an hour later TF found me in the car park. I was about to test drive my new vehicle – a metallic blue people carrier. I opened the back door and invited TF in. (I had to shove the hairy black dog out of the way a little to make some room.)

TF climbed over the seats to the front of the car, then wasted no time in turning the key and pressing his foot down on the accelerator. Without my permission he put the car into reverse – and smashed into someone else. He didn’t care. Within 10 minutes we’d damaged four other vehicles.

I found the emergency alarm button on the dashboard and pressed it as hard as I could. A police car and ambulance raced over to us.

I hoped that everyone would recognise that I was not the destructive force at the wheel of the metallic blue people carrier. This was all TF’s responsibility.

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