A smoked salmon surprise and an unexpected dip in the North Sea (Rousse)

A quick glance at my calendar told me that I should be with AJ speaking about the new framework to female students.

I made a dash for room C14, taking care not to trip along the poorly maintained corridors. ‘What is is about this place?’ I thought. ‘It’s so good and putting things up, but never invests in their maintenance’.

I was about 15 minutes late by the time I reached the classroom from the floor above. Below me I could see that there were four or five students in the room with AJ, and a big plate of smoked salmon.

Since the staircase was in such a bad state of repair I had no option but to jump down to join everyone. Unfortunately I didn’t realise (and nobody warned me) that the hole in the floor was a direct route to the chilly watery depths of the North Sea.

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