University promotes academics on basis of cooking skills (Rousse)

XY had been asked to review all the promotions appeals. She decided that the fairest way to judge the merit of the applicants was to ask them to cook a low-cost gourmet meal. She specified that the menu include cubed roast potatoes and the main course be salmon. She decided to have a go at this herself, and invited me and TPR to test her cooking skills.

I thought that we would be eating at our flat so it wouldn’t matter if I was wearing my red fleece pyjamas when XY picked me up. However, she planned to host the meal at her house. So I had to walk in my night attire from the multi-storey car park past the two filthy alcoholic girls lounging on camp-beds in the stairwell. When they saw that we were carrying bottles of wine they screamed with excitement and sprang up to wrestle the drink out of our arms. XY and I ran as fast as we could to make our escape.

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