Railway level crossing death averted (Rousse)

The excitement in the car was palpable. Out of the window we could see the island in the distance, and shiny, smiling seals frolicking in the bay. TPR, KA and I were very much looking forward to this long-overdue holiday in the Outer Hebrides.

We parked the car at the harbour so that we could later transfer to canoes.

While TPR and KA crossed the railway line to wait at the water’s edge I climbed up the grassy bank to admire the view. Soon afterwards the other two shouted to me that it was time to leave.

I ran towards them, crashing through the railway barrier at the level crossing – just as a train was approaching at full speed. TPR screamed in helpless horror, convinced that he was about to witness my death.

I escaped – by hiding under a railway bridge.

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