What to do when you miss a charter flight, and fancy lace underwear (Rousse)

TF came with us on a winter sports holiday package included both skiing and tandem riding.

On the last day there was some confusion over access to the hotel. I was lucky enough to find my room (eventually) although its condition was not ideal: there was rain coming in through the ceiling. I did not complain because the staff already had far too much else to deal with.

On departure day we set out on tandem ride as usual, zipping down the snowy lanes looking out for wildlife. (I saw a bird of prey capture a vole at one point when I was steering the bike all by myself.) We had completely forgotten about the 05:00am transfer to the airport and our journey home.

Back at the house rented by my mother and JMH we discussed what to do about our missed charter flight. TPR believed that we could make a claim from the tour operator because no notification of departure arrangements had been pushed through our bedroom door the night before. JC, who was also staying with my mother and JMH, suggested that we extend our holiday, arguing that I wouldn’t be missed at the office. Meanwhile I undressed down to my fancy lace underwear and wondered whether it was NB that I could see in the window of the house across the road.

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