A temporary loss of digits and dancing to the Wombles (Rousse)

One of us was required to chop off all digits on the hands. TPR bravely volunteered. Then he headed off to Reading to meet MP before the big party. They spent the morning engaged in geeky conversation and activities.

I followed after lunch as one of AP’s guests. She couldn’t receive us until later in the day due to her long appointment with the hairdresser.

It took a while before I found TPR at the party. He was crouched down against a far wall somewhat disguised in a suit. I hoped that he would join me on the dance floor for Remember you’re a Womble.

Afterwards we had to deal with TPR’s stumpy hands. We had kept the eight fingers and two thumbs safe so all we needed to do was find someone who could sew them all back on again.

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